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Drägerwerk AG is a German company based in Lübeck which makes breathing and protection equipment, gas detection and analysis systems, and noninvasive patient monitoring technologies. Customers include hospitals, fire departments and diving companies.

A former engineer mentioned, "Draeger has great people who work for them but their management staff within the Houston office and supported by an HR team in Teleford is destroying what so many worked hard to build. My experience with Draeger was that of a group of men who are womanizers and control freaks. They bully their employees and show absolute favoritism. HR has no backbone and does not bother to seek truth but only to cover up the unprofessional behaviors of their management team. This is why the Houston office in over 2 years has lost over 35 team members."


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Complete lack of leadership and direction. The German HQ has zero clue about the American market. Strategy is literally flavor of the week. Every product line and project has major, major issues- Delays, recalls, and disastrous installations. One product line has been delayed for about 5 years and going as competitors are crushing them. The worst part is no one cares since they rely on their legacy (when they were #1 in 1930 or something) The culture at the Telford office is totally stagnant and full of petty backstabbing. Everyone is nasty and vicious and heaven help you if you’re under 50. They will beg for young talent but then treat you like trash and provide ZERO opportunities for growth. No perks whatsoever - “work from home” but be prepared to be hounded by your manager constantly with little check ins. Everyone is leaving."

Technician says

"Management will blow up over little things. Owners will accuse anyone of stealing if they make a clerical error. Clients will tell you sob story and owners tell you not to trust them because people with dui are liars."

Current Employee - Software Engineer says

"If you actually want to make a product and help patients, you will be depressed everyday. Nothing ever gets done. People are rewarded for promoting themselves and others in their clique. Nothing else matters."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The culture was once a family friendly culture. rapidly changing"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"Management. Fire every last one of them and get people in there that can actually run a department and not someone thats just a yes-man/woman to their superiors in Luebeck. You will be overloaded with projects and work to the point of burnout. Morale is so low it's become a joke. One of the worst places I've ever worked for."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Many serious product issues in both hardware & software. Very poor management/leadership. Treat employees poorly. Not transparent with customers or employees. Incredibly low morale."

Customer Service Representative says

"Very poor training. Very poorly managed department. Dept. manager treated me unfairly. She never came out of her office to see how things were going. Was never appreciated for the effort made by me day in day out. Felt very isolated and apart from rest of department. However, accepted and well liked by both co-workers and customers."

Former Employee - Engineering Manager says

"There is a maxim in business that says; "A-list talent hires B-list talent and B-list talent hires C-list talent" and so on. Applying this rule, Draeger seems to have an affinity for hiring C-list talent at the top executive levels. Absurdly pedantic management with almost zero experience or aptitude for the roles in which they've been hired. Much of the decent management and engineering talent has smartly moved on. The grotesquely inadequate either get terminated abruptly or work in the shadows of the engineering group carving out self-aggrandized support roles. Or to put it in simple terms of Dante's Inferno; The IT and HR groups specialize primarily in the eighth circle of hell."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Company has no vision for new products"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Old Technology.. No innovation.. Unfriendly co-workers.. If you are looking at working in cutting edge technology this is not the place"

Contract Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I have enjoyed every job I had prior this one. Draeger has a poor advancement record, the systems don't work and the people are miserable. Some of the managers are nice. But in general the workplace is difficult.Gym on siteEverythign else"

Sales Order Entry Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Stop bullying people and cheering other people whom have longevity in the workplace. I#1 rule in effective leadership...... if you treat people with common respect in the fact that they can work towards having a job and making it a career by coming in on time everyday AND working extra to cover for your mess ups then YOU are getting a productive department. Also, make Human Resources personel interactive even with your contractors so we can address these problems. It's common sense. There are alot of smart, educated and productive people who need jobs.Job itselfNasty coworkers who don't have respect"

Quality engineer (Former Employee) says

"Egotistical management no room for anyone else. Nepotism has a full time job here, though there are some very good managers at draeger some do suffer with the small man syndrome"

Quality Engineer (Current Employee) says

"This section needs to be optional because if I say what is reality I will not keep a job. So I will let you read between those lines and take what you will from it.many free lunches or available left overs, in office gym, health benefits, Pto, flexable work schedule, work from home optioncoworkers"

Product Support Specialist (Current Employee) says

"Due to poor management the company is in decline and they keep trying things to grow the company unsuccessfully instead of addressing constant issues with day to day operations. They will never be able to grow until they get the basic day to day things right. Managers are not held accountable to their failings.Normal office hoursManagement is unwilling to do the work to get things right."

Regional Manager, Business and Service Operations (Current Employee) says

"Draeger is very supportive of employees, even to the detriment of the business at times. Flexible with some employees to work from home part of the time. Local management all good people but lacks true leadership at the top."

Assistante Achats (Current Employee) says

"Saisie des commandes arc et verification prix Modifications des prix et delai sur commande ainsi que base de donnes Validation de factures comptables Traitement de litiges Gestion de stock de 75 depots a insi que Traitement de l inventaireAvantagesPas opportunites d evolution"

Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great products and very knowledgeable group of Engineers. The competition can't touch the quality and durability of Draeger's product line. Sometimes internal processes hinder development.PtoWork Lift Balance"

Technician (Former Employee) says

"ativities daily Maintenance and repair of computer and network equipment such as; servers, routers, switches, IP cameras, drivers, structured cabling, UPS and plants. Participate in projects to upgrade the cabling from cat5e to cat6, and the installation of the UPS 10Kva that supports the Data-center in every desk station in the office. Serve as the onsite coordinator to the networking team and help prepare the equipment (routers and switches) and provide access to them through RS232 cable to PC windows."

Service Engineer for biomedical Devices (Current Employee) says

"start reviewing my duties then see my schedule & go to the hospital doing the preventive maintenance or normal repair , i learned a lot in devices mechanism electronics & be families with device testers specially flukes one's , iam very good in time management as i can travel to many places in same day finishing all my duties ,the hardest part is diagnoses the failure in the device as it's some time a new one , the most enjoyable part is when it's done you fell like it's a new achievement ."

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